Mystic’s Message Explained

Hi All!

When I asked the question myself, “What exactly is ALL of this?”, I began to “hear” quite a few answers.  The one that made the most sense to me to be shared with those reading my website went like this:

“This is a Source to Source channeling, Ray.  As you continue to open up to the Universal Source Energy available to each and every one of you, you begin to truly see where the GOD consciousness exists.  IT is all ONE.  And when you realize this ONE essential fact about the way IT ALL WORKS, you begin to recognize the GOD or Source within every one you come in contact with.  It is this concept that you are bringing through in these channels. 

You see, THE MYSTIC is not a man, or even a person for that matter.  THE MYSTIC is a collective singular consciousness of plurality.  Much like the basketball team, The Orlando Magic, THE MYSTIC is a TEAM where the whole is equal to the sum of the parts; and you are each part of the GRAND PUZZLE of this reality. 

The concept of THE MYSTIC lies at the fundamental nature of existence – that we, this race, are all universally a collective ONE and that, while the Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Mary, Kuthumi, Krishna, Buddha, Vishnu, Horus, Muhammad, etc. did exist, when we truly listen , THEY speak as the ONE collective voice that leads each of us toward HOME or enlightenment.  And so, Ray, you bring this TRUTH through your channels to each and every person who is ready and willing to listen to them.”

I wish each of you the abundance that IS; it is awaiting you.

Always LOVE ~

Ray Rolando

“Life is a series of illusions; only LOVE is real.”

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