Intuitive Readings & Channelings


For most of his life, Ray Rolando has been offering personal, intuitive readings that offer insights, clarities, and opportunities for forward progress.  For over a decade, he has created and honed several different methods by which he can deliver otherwise esoteric data in a loving and meaningful way that provides his clients with answers, perspective, and optimism.

By confidently acting on intuitive cues and guidance, Ray allows spirit to move him while listening, and then gently delves into one’s Energy to assist clients in several areas as needed.  Some of these include health and overall well-being, relationships, career, emotional cord cutting from past traumas to live freely and happily, and clear guidance on present challenges that may have presented themselves.

Ray also works with the Energy of lost loved ones to reconnect the client and reaffirm for them that our loved ones never truly leave us.

Ray does his reading work in person, over the phone, and through Skype as needed.


What is Channeling?
Channeling is the process of expanding one’s consciousness to bring through Divine guidance and wisdom for clarity, insight, direction, healing and support.

Channeling with Ray
During channeled sessions with Ray, clients often feel an expansion of love, and a higher awareness beyond the intellect, as if they know that which knows all is present. Common reports are that sessions help clients feel immediately safe, and that stress and anxiety seem to disappear instantly. They report that these sessions get directly to the root cause of the issue and lovingly remind recipients of the highest truths.