THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/25/2013

Are you capable of giving to you?

Your truest essence has been coming forward more and more since late last year.  A new Energy is prevalent within you.  It has you asking question after question… good questions.  But, then, do you turn around and give the answers straight away to others?  Are you basking in your own light at all, even if just for a little bit?

It is ok to give to you.  It is ok to bake cookies JUST for you… that is if you eat cookies.  Even if you don’t east cookies, it’s ok to bake them just for you.  Why not?  There is an Energy to the smell, is there not?  THAT Energy could be just for you.

Ask yourself this question… what Energy have I been giving away freely that I, myself, could use?  Then ask yourself why that is.  Aren’t you worthy of the same love and attention you so freely give to others?  Have you ever done this… ask yourself, “If I were to charge for the LOVE I give to others, how much would it be worth?”   I know that’s a hard one, because you don’t feel like you should charge for it.  I’m not necessarily saying you should.  But, what I am saying is, “Entertain me, just for a moment.  If society deemed it plausible to charge for the love and attention you give to others, how much would the gift of your presence and calming Energy be worth to those around you?”  Ok, good.  Now ask yourself this question, “If I were to charge for the Energy that so many have come to expect, how many of them would still be left?”

Now, realize this… if the answer to the last question gave you mental images of friends or family that would hang around if you were to charge, those are the people that are not sucking your Energy away because you so freely give it.  In other words, there are people who freely take Energy from others, some knowingly and most not so knowingly.  But, if there are people who would remain around you if you weren’t freely giving that Energy away, or that amount of it, those are your real friends… the ones that will love you no matter the space you are in… those who would also freely give you their love and attention in return when you are in need.

So look around you.  Where, and with whom, are you spending your Energy?  And are you  S P E N D I N G  it wisely?  If not, that could literally be the reason why you are having issues with money.  For money, too, is an Energy.  And if you find that you are spending more than is coming back to you, there might be a good chance the “money situation” is reflecting something back to you.  So, stop trying to change a single thought in another’s mind.  You are “spending” too much “Energy” attempting to do so.  Your Energy is worth so much more than that.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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