About Oceans (ORIGINAL)

Our Mission
Oceans of Calm partners with you on your path to awaken in you, and reflect to you, your unlimited potential. We show you the tools to transform your life or business.

Our Goal
We are a center for wellness, founded by Ray Rolando in 2007, and currently operated by he and his wife, Colby, that aims to inspire individuals and businesses to transform themselves and their relationship to the world in which they exist for more positive growth, fulfillment, and success.

Oceans aspires to offer a space for reflection, relaxation, and rejuvenation.  It is a “center” point for the mirrored self, the gift of you being returned to you.

The Services We Offer That Bring Transformational Growth

We bring forth different avenues and modalities that enable you to reach your fullest potential:

What is Transformational Growth
Transformational growth can mean different things to different people.  We focus primarily on helping individuals and professionals to shift limiting belief systems about themselves or situations they are in relationship to, bringing peace, clarity and confidence with a renewed sense of self and direction.

Six Guiding Principles
From assisting an entrepreneur in transitioning the energy of stress and anxiety into balanced direction and visioning, to assisting young adults to see their future with a sense of peace, clarity and confidence, right through to holding space for an individual ready to heal past traumas for a more fulfilling, happy life, we pride ourselves by doing our work based on 6 basic principles:

1. 3 T’s – Tools, Techniques, Teachings
With extensive training in world-renowned self-improvement programs and modalities, we impart what we believe to be the most aligned and energetically charged Personal Mastery Skills on the planet, leaving you powerless to nothing.

2. Unconditional Love
Although highly underrated in our opinion, the power of those two words simply mean that we operate in an environment of full acceptance and non-judgment in relationship to the client’s process at all times. This is your journey. We are here to partner with you.

3. Everything is Energy
In believing that everything is energy, we know how to work with it, and how to move it to bring positive results. When that energy is cultivated in a positive way with respect to one’s truth and inner teacher, there are no limits to the potential for growth.

4. Intuition
Intuition is not only a tool that we use in our practice at Oceans of Calm, it is a guiding principle we also teach and cultivate in our clients.  This empowers them to seek, find and understand their own journeys, which leads to a successful, happier version of themselves.

5. Perspective
When you begin to change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, because perspective drives all of our experiences.  Holding a higher perspective opens doors and moves stuck energy.

6. Experience
There is simply no greater teacher.  We strive to coach from experience and encourage our clients to draw upon their own to remind them how much they already know.