Chiren Biophoton Light Therapy
Experience the healing power of your own light!

Re-awaken your body’s Natural Intelligence and Ability for Self-Healing.  Restore Health, Vitality and Mental Clarity.

“Light is the foundation of life.” Biontology is the study of the nature of that light in the body. The Chiren is the incredible diagnostic biophoton instrument, invented by Johan Boswinkel, that allows Chiren Light Therapy practitioners to measure and treat biophotons on the body’s meridians by way of the acupuncture points. The goal with this instrument is that a trained practitioner is able to uncover energetic disturbances along the meridians correlating to all systems and organs, and communicate with the body to find energetic remedies that will neutralize and correct them.

Biontology uses light frequency and fiber optics to transform chaotic light and vibration in your body to ordered, healthy vibration.

Through the Chiren, we are able to find energetic disturbances and communicate with your body to find the energetic remedies required to correct them. During the treatment with these remedies, your incoherent (chaotic) light is inverted and filtered, amplified, and then sent back to you. In this way, the chaotic light is neutralized (cancelled out) and the natural capacity for self-healing is restored. Clients report a deep sense of relaxation and clarity of mind during and after sessions.

With the highly evolved biofeedback system incorporated in the Chiren the quality of the light in the body is continually improved. Given the millions of treatment cycles that correct biophoton-coherence per second, there is no risk of misdiagnosis or ill effects. The body takes only the signal that it needs to restore its health.

Biontology: The Light of Life
Light is the foundation of light. Biontology is the study of the nature of that light in the body. A biophoton (bio=life) + (photon=a single particle of light) delivers electromagnetic signals that direct biochemical reactions in all life forms.  By observing whether these signals are strong, weak or chaotic, biontology can address most root causes of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments. The Chiren is the incredible diagnostic instrument that allows the practitioner to measure and treat the client.

When all of your body’s systems are aligned and in balance, you will heal faster, have more energy & live life more fully!


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