THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/7/14


It’s true you know… what they say about how things on the outside shift when you choose to change how you feel about them from within. Sometimes, the letting go is the hardest part. You get caught up in questions about how to let go and what that looks like. Very simply, it starts with accepting what is. Sit with that for a minute. They say that attaining enlightenment is so simple that you’ll never “get it”… probably because there is nothing to get. Instead, it is probably a state of being that you shift to when you have the “ah hah” moment. I don’t know… what do we know… we’re only The Mystic… what could WE know about anything? Ha ha!

But that’s it! You just need to begin to accept what is. Don’t try to save others by attempting to shift their viewpoints, belief systems, etc. Accept where they are, and that you have grown in a different direction. There is no wrong. There just IS.

And the sooner the better you come into that fold. It will save you so much energy… energy that you could be using to create beautiful things in your life, and forward progress on the things your heart desires that you believe the Universe is not delivering on. ;0)

We’re attempting to deliver, but no ONE is HOME (where the heart is) to receive our packages… capisce (understand)?

So please climb down out of that head of yours. Learn to meditate or get a physical practice (yoga, exercise, etc) to quiet the mind, or slow down the thoughts and help make your mind a servant to your beautiful heart. That is where WE reside with you ALL WAYS.

With so much love in our heart for you,



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