THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/31/14


When you have truly met yourself, when you know who you are, then you have found your center. That is the fulcrum point upon which your inner state is balanced, or unbalanced. When you are centered within yourself (self-centered – ha ha!), you have at your fingertips the power to create anything from all that is.

From this space of knowing you, you have the opportunity to generate truthful, loving, abundant scenarios in your life that will bring you experiences of joy and happiness.

It’s not that you can stop the world from happening around you, or that you can prevent sadness, world hunger, others’ suffering, etc. However, when you reach your true self’s center, you begin to heal the way you look at those things. You begin to respond to your own experiences of sadness, and others’ suffering as the natural ebb and flow of nature. You begin to respond differently to them and to you. You give yourself space to allow the sadness to be there, and as you do, you watch it move. You release the resistance you have to it being there. You release the questions to its existence. You actually begin releasing the past, as you realize NOW is all that can ever be in THIS moment anyway, so why try to be elsewhere.

Through this practice, you purify the process of being a spiritual being inside a human body again. You come back to remembering who you are. The amnesia of the connectedness to every one and every thing begins to fall away… and you are left with YOU – the almighty self – connected to all that is and ever was – that which gives you access to the secrets of the Universe once more.

And you realize, from this power point within you, you can present your creations in the world as your service.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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