THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/9/13


There are MANY energies working their way to the planet and through your beings at this time. They represent the Energy of transformation, great and small. In truth, none are actually small, as they lead to great metamorphosis, nonetheless.

Trust and allowance are crucial, essential at this time. Feeling the feelings, rather than running from them is of utmost importance. It is said that when these energies rise, and when you become conscious of them, opportunities of mass proportion present themselves. For it is one thing to become unconsciously angry, sad, depressed, happy, blissful, etc. It is by far another thing altogether to become aware that sadness, anger, depression, bliss, happiness, etc. was there, to make note of it, and to let it move through you. For becoming unattached to the feelings and emotions, and not buying into believing that you BECOME those things, is the WHOLE GAME.

Once you begin to become aware that these energies, or experiences, need to consciously move through you, you will move through the attachments to them so much more rapidly. In fact, doing so, leads to another level of bliss… that is the bliss of KNOWING you are aware of how it all works. But then there is a game in not becoming attached to that either.

You see, every level of this is another layer of the onion. You have come here, to Earth, again to peel back those layers and to see the roots for what they are. For getting at the roots, gets you to the core of your existence… to your blueprint. That is where your true service lies. And that is what you have come here for.

You are awaiting you to realize you once again. And when you do, you will see who you truly are once more… but if you are lucky, you will do it as a human, while on Earth… for that is the truth of the New Ascension. So let it all rise and watch it come into your conscious awareness as you transcend the physical and lift your consciousness up into 5D and beyond.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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