THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/18/13


It has been said that healing, physical or emotional, might not be the best choice until the root cause of the suffering is uncovered. Are you, or is someone you know, suffering from some ailment, whether it be physical dis-ease, or emotional pain? Do you find yourself/selves clambering about from Dr. to Dr. without a true “treatment” of the root cause, but instead throwing temporary solutions (i.e. medication, etc) at the problem, never to truly recover? Or have you watched folks go to extremes with surgeries or other, or to see their “problems” unfold more drastically post-procedure?

If so, it is possible these individuals are not getting the “ailment’s” message. Instead, maybe they are shooting the messenger. The root cause is there for the “seeing” if you/they are willing to look. It is our contention that no dis-ease stems from the physical, but from the mind, often the sub-conscious mind, even when it manifests in the conscious mind and body.

Please do not misunderstand. Western medicine is a gift from God. When used appropriately, and in concert with Eastern philosophies, the whole “Earthly and Other Earthly” approach is accomplished. However, this has been seen rarely to date. But it is time for this change to take hold on the planet… and it will… soon.

You are part of a shifting consciousness. One that knows something greater reigns over our seeming “routine” days. The time is nearing when ROOT CAUSE TREATMENT approaches will become “The Way”; and, when managed with Western medicine until the root cause is arrived at, you will have seen the transformation occur… IT IS COMING – HOW WONDERFUL – FINALLY ! ! !

Watch, now, as your world turns more to the “alternatives” as the root cause uncovering becomes necessary. We have come so far in a short time. Keep up the wonderful work. Trust in trust. Faith in faith.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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